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A boon for developers
« on: August 19, 2007, 04:22:47 AM »
A boon for developers working on top of an existing java application with very little documentation code (as in most of the cases). Also for people, who want to document the existing code with very little effort, which generally stops them from doing it.

I got to this great tool thru TSS when i was looking for a UML plugin for Eclipse. I was excited by looking at the capabilities. As i evaluated it, there was no disappointment whatsoever, and the tool worked as great as it claims to be. There was nothing that I wanted to be improved. (ofcourse I do have some enhancement requests now :))

Why I think the tool is cool? Here are the answers:

Ease of use
- Amazingly easy to instrument your application, to apply the filters and get going (thanks to the nice demos)
- Know AspectJ? You are ready to use this tool at once..
- If you understand how it works, you don't even need eclipse to instrument your application. You can instrument it thru' your ant build script. Later use Eclipse to view the generated diagrams.

Neat UI
- Neat and simple UI for sequence diagrams
- Easy to remove redundancy in diagrams
- Easy to filter out unnecessary

- Decent performance for an instrumented application (who cares anyways - this is not in production)
- I used it with a quite big standalone application. Even big sequence diagrams are not cluttered and thanks to the simplicity, there are no perf issues in loading/rendering big diagrams

I have used TogetherJ to create static sequence diagrams from code - and was disappointed because of the cluttered UI (even after lots of filtering, even with just static analysis) and some fancy stuff.
Though I do not want to compare TogetherJ and MaintainJ as they are functionally different (TogetherJ has lot more features than you can imagine), from a developer's point of view (in a practical scenario) MaintainJ takes the prize, thanks to
- runtime generation of sequence diagrams
- neat UI (comeon, since when did developers need fancy UI??)

Congrats to Choudary for a really good job. I look forward to recommend MaintainJ to my colleagues and friends.